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What is the 0.5 bet? This is an extremely familiar bet for professional soccer bettors. However, for newbies, this type of bet is still quite strange. The information below will be analyzed in detail by online betting tips on the definition and how to play the bet.

  1. What is the concept of 0.5 Odds?
    For soccer bettors, the Asian handicap is a very familiar soccer bet, and the 0.5 handicap is also very familiar. A 0.5-left bet is also known as a 1/2-left or half-left bet. The remaining 0.5 goal handicap is given by the house. During a match, there is a certain difference in strength and performance between the two teams.

Usually, the upper is written as -0.5 and the lower is written as -0.5. Players choose one of two doors and choose over or under to bet. In this game, there are only two possibilities: win or lose. More goals (1-0, 2-0, 3-1, etc.) Win more clearly. When they tie or win an upper hand, the lower hand wins the bet 7m.

The way to calculate the 0.5 odds is very simple. If the player wins, the player receives that amount. Investment x odds offered by the bookmaker when betting .If the player loses, the player will lose the bet amount.

  1. The most effective method of playing 0.5 handicap
    If the home team is the favorite team, you should refer to the home team’s attack level to be able to place a reasonable bet. Furthermore, in football, there are always unexpected situations, so players need to make bets and thoroughly research both teams.

Experience when betting on these matches is that players should refer to the betting odds of the upper team when accepting the 1/2 rate in recent times. In addition, finding out the confrontation records of the two teams is also a point not to be missed.

Suppose that initially the favorite team has a handicap of 1/2 but, close to the time of the match, the house lowers the handicap to 1/4. The player should consider not taking the risk of choosing the favorite team. On the contrary, if the rate fluctuations tend to increase the handicap from 1/2 to 3/4, this is a case where the betting community is rushing to invest in the upper bet, and then believing in the majority is a legitimate solution. physical.

  1. Instructions on how to read the 0.5 handicap
    The half-left handicap is basically relatively easy to read. In addition, you need to master how to read the odds so you can know whether you won the bet or not after the match takes place.

Depending on the final result of the match, different situations will appear when betting on 0.5, as follows:

  • The match result is a draw: betting on the underdog will win; if you bet on the above odds, you will lose all your betting money. The winning amount for the underdog team at this time will be equal to the amount you bet multiplied by the house’s rate. 
  • The upper team loses to the lower team; the player who bets on the lower team will win and receive the bet from the house. If you bet on the upper team, it will be considered a loss. 
  • If the upper team wins at least one goal against the lower team, the player who bets on the upper team will win. Bet amount x upper bet payout ratio = bonus. If, in this case, you bet on the underdog team, it will be considered a loss.

Above is some information to learn about what a 0.5 handicap is and experience in playing this handicap. Hopefully, the information we share has helped readers better understand this attractive way of betting on soccer.

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