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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The greenhouse enthusiasts have always embraced the traditional glass greenhouse. However, they are easily damaged when subjected to extreme weather conditions and have relatively indigent insulating properties. Consequently, the greenhouse experiences hot spots and inconsistent temperatures that could burn plants or alter the germination process.

However, more horticulturalists are switching to polycarbonate greenhouses as an alternative. Besides adding a modern look to the establishment, polycarbonate greenhouses have enhanced features that make the gardening journey easier.

This article highlights seven features that set aside polycarbonate greenhouses from traditional glass greenhouses.

Superior Insulation

The essential requirement when growing plants in a greenhouse is consistent temperatures. Since every plant has its own temperature requirements, adequate temperature control is paramount in all the growth phases. Photosynthesis, water regulation, and respiration highly depend on temperature ranges.

Whenever you consider to buy greenhouse from any vendor, proper insulation will be the first item on your checklist.

 Polycarbonate greenhouse material is manufactured from thermoplastics polymers that have their heat retention features. Contrary to glass greenhouses, the polycarbonate panels incorporate a twin-wall design whose air gaps (between the two layers) act as protection against external temperatures.

In colder months, insulation helps the greenhouse retain heat for longer. On sunnier days, the material can prevent excess heating.


Polycarbonate material is way more durable than the regular greenhouse material. Its molecular structures have features of a tightly interwoven chain, giving it good resilience when subjected to substantial stress.

Glass greenhouses will shatter when subjected to severe impact. Conversely, the polycarbonate material flexes under serious pressure, helping the greenhouse remain firm.

Despite the rugged nature of polycarbonate material, it is pretty light. Compared to the glass counterparts, it is easier to install and significantly reduces any unnecessary stress on the greenhouse’s frame, leading to a longer lifespan.

Protection Against UV Radiation

The unique nature of the polycarbonate panel structure automatically filters any harmful ultraviolet rays. The protective barrier it provides prevents direct UV rays’ exposure and allows enough light to pass through.

Greenhouse owners understand the detrimental effects of UV lights, leaves discolouring, plant DNA damage and stunted growth. Polycarbonate material’s ability to allow sufficient light for photosynthesis while blocking the UV lights is quite appealing. 

Proper Light Diffusion

For proper plant growth environment, light diffusion has to be sufficient. The polycarbonate panels have a unique ability to scatter any sun that passes through, distributing it evenly across the greenhouse. 

You want to avoid any hotspots in your greenhouse. Overexposure will stress your plants, while underexposure will derail their growth. Polycarbonate’s ability to ensure that every corner of the greenhouse has the same amount of light will allow all your plants to grow uniformly. 

Efficiency in Energy and Cost

Since polycarbonate greenhouses have excellent insulation properties, you can keep your energy and cost under control. As most greenhouse owners have noted, using heaters and heat sinks is an expensive undertaking, especially in prolonged periods during winter. 

With polycarbonate greenhouses, you reduce overreliance on heaters. Less energy consumption not only reduces your utility bills but also makes your garden eco-friendlier.

More Safety

You want a secure greenhouse. Traditional glass greenhouses are prone to shattering, keeping your little ones or pets at risk. 

Polycarbonate will not pose such a danger. It maintains structural integrity even after a branch or stray ball falls on it. Safety around the greenhouse will give you peace of mind.

Cost-effective to Maintain

To most people, the garden is a hobby and a serene environment to escape to. Therefore, it needs to be easily manageable and cost-effective to maintain.

Unlike a glass greenhouse, you will not need a special cleaner to keep it shining or spend much time doing away with watermarks or other noticeable smudges. Polycarbonate material reduces condensation accumulation significantly, thus any potential mould or pests. 

No extra measures are needed, such as dehumidifiers or drip rails, to keep moisture at bay. 

Additionally, polycarbonate material is highly resistant to chemicals. It is possible to use a variety of cleaning agents without any risk of damage.


A greenhouse should not only be easy to maintain but also safe. Polycarbonate greenhouses will help you avoid a lot of challenges associated with glass greenhouses. 

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