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Wedding Trends To Follow That Never Goes Off The List

The wedding season is here, and everyone is busy preparing for the different aspects that are necessary to organize a perfect ceremony. You must have attended a lot of weddings and seen some unique trends or activities that are included in the event to make it more fun and enjoyable. So, whether you are getting married or organizing an event for your friends and family, you must try to include some indulging activities in it so that the guests can enjoy them while witnessing the ring ceremony of the bride and groom.

Well, you don’t have to go anywhere to look for the recent wedding trends that have gained quite some popularity because we have listed some of them here. You can consider trying these in the upcoming weddings and make them memorable for the bride, groom, and all the attendees.

1] Dance Floor Delights

Dancing is one of the common activities that you’ll see at every wedding, but these days, special performances by friends, siblings, and relatives are winning hearts. So, apart from the stage for the bride and groom, you can set up a dance floor where you can perform the songs, dedicating it to the newlyweds. This dance floor can be decorated with multicolor party lights and smoke and also with a beautiful backdrop.

2] Textured Layered Confections

These days, in almost every wedding ceremony and reception, cakes are the center of attraction, so you can include them in the party. For this, you can contact your nearest or best online bakery and get a cake delivery in Lucknow or the wedding venue. Layered and lace cakes are the most popular cakes for this event, but you can pick the one that the bride and groom want. The bakery staff will deliver and assemble the cake at the venue, so you will not have to worry about anything regarding this sweet confection.

3] Take A Picture With Prop

You can set up a few corners at the venue where the attendees can take selfies and pictures. You can also put some props like photo frames, standees, bicycles, flower bouquets, etc., to enhance the photos. Other than that, you can arrange a beautiful backdrop decorated with green leaves, flowers, balloons, and other ornaments. This photo point is one of the popular attractions of wedding parties, and you’ll see people lining up to take pictures at this beautiful corner.

4] Wall Of Memories

Wall of Memories is quite unique and something out of the box that you can add at the wedding while organizing it. You can keep this as a surprise for both bride and groom as they will be truly overwhelmed to see your creativity in this. So, on the wall of memories, you can put some significant pictures of both the bride and groom that range from their childhood to when they dated and the present. You can also include some pictures of them with their best friends, parents, siblings, trips, college days, and more. You can easily get these pictures from their parents and friends, so if you want to make them walk down memory lane, then you must definitely add this.

5] Table Of Multiple Desserts

Although the wedding cake takes center stage, the need for other desserts cannot be overlooked, so you can have a buffet table of different desserts so that the guests can savor them. For this, you can contact the bakery or simply download a cake order app and go through the desserts that they offer. You can order donuts, macarons, cupcakes, puddings, sheet cakes, brownies, etc., and have them arranged well on the table. Later, the guests can pick up the items that they want to have and enjoy the wedding while savoring the delicious desserts.

6]  Themed Wall Decor

Whether the wedding party is being held in open air/ ground or in a closed space, you can decorate the whole venue according to the theme. If there is an overall theme for the wedding, then you must follow the same, but if there isn’t any, then you can come up with something that resonates with both the bride and groom. You can go with white elegance, silver glamour, luxurious gold, or an adorable pinkish theme and get the venue decorated accordingly. It looks classy and sophisticated when the whole room or ground is covered in the color-coded theme instead of random mix-and-match decorations.


You can include one or more of these trends in the wedding that you are going to organize in the upcoming days. However, it will be best if you discuss them with the bride and groom because it’s their day, and their requirements matter the most. Other than these listed ones, there are multiple wedding trends that are circulating all over the world, so you can also consider including them because this event is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, and it has got to be the best memory.

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